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Tina was an absolute dream to work with! She has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely detail oriented (which is crucial in wedding planning). Each and every meeting we had was productive. Tina did not leave a single thing up to chance. She asked every question for every situation to ensure there were no surprises day-of and that a clear and concise plan was in place. She handled all vendor communications the month-of the wedding and I could tell everyone was well versed on the day-of plan thanks to Tina's guidance. On top of her attention to detail, organization and depth of knowledge, Tina is also fun and personable! She made planning sessions fun and exciting.

I am personally a very "Type A" personality which makes it difficult for me to trust others to handle things or plan on my behalf. With Tina, I was able to truly let go and trust that she had everything under control. When the Big Day came, I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the day with my new husband and didn't have a second of panic or stress thinking about what needed to be done or remembered. Tina made our day absolutely perfect and memorable and we'll never be able to thank her enough for that! I highly recommend Tina and thank her for her incredible work on our wedding!

Clare Lydon


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