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This is for the couple who has planned their own wedding, but might need a little support throughout the process as well as flawless execution from start to finish on the wedding day. We meet together several times and make sure we know all of the details of the BIG day so that every last thing will be taken care of the way they envision it! 

This popular package includes:

  • Planning support through emails/texts/calls for keeping us in the loop on planning updates or we can help with questions as they arise. We also have many templates, examples, tips to help save money, and creative ideas to offer from many other successful weddings

  • Vendor Recommendations to ensure you have the best of the best on your vendor team 

  • 4 Wedding Planning Meetings:

       Meeting One  ~ Initial Meeting is done via Zoom/Skype: Here we spend time discussing the overall details/wishes for your event, create a timeline together, review plans for your décor vision, go through vendors already contracted, and collaborate on how we can best support your planning moving forward.

This meeting generally happens about 3-6 months before wedding day. 

       Meeting Two ~ Venue Walk-through is done in person: Here we meet with any venue representatives or catering managers that will be involved on the wedding day, we create layout maps and diagrams, firm up the timeline and décor plan, go over specific plans for how and where you want things set up, special circumstances to pay close attention to, and make sure we are all on the same page for ensuring a flawless wedding day.

This meeting generally happens a couple months before the wedding. 

       Meeting Three ~ "The Month Before Meeting" is held in person: Here we review ALL wedding day details, final choices for décor and specifically what we are in charge of setting up, go over final processional order for ceremony, music choices and cuing for songs, review final timeline in detail, discuss all details for each vendor expectation, rehearsal plan, ceremony script, etc. to make sure we have everything we need for a perfect wedding day and you can just relax from now on and enjoy your celebration.

We usually have this meeting about a month before the wedding. 

      Meeting Four ~ The Final Meeting is done via Skype/Zoom/Phone and we have one final check-in to discuss any last loose ends, final questions, go over all details, table assignment details, music selections, questions other vendors might have we need to hammer out, discuss any special needs for guests, decoration organization, and so much more! This is our final chance to review things so everything is PERFECT come wedding day. This usually happens a week or two before the wedding. 

  • Custom Timeline creation from start to finish for the big day-this important document includes everything from vendor arrival/breakdown schedules, processional order, music selections, order of events, photography details, and SO much more. Since every wedding is different, we build this from scratch with you. That way everything flows exactly how YOU want it to!  

  • Contact with ALL vendors prior to the wedding to ensure all details and expectations are clear for a smooth and stress free wedding day for you​

  • Emergency wedding supply kit to manage last minute mishaps

  • Setting up all your personal wedding items exactly how you want them including escort cards, favors, menu cards, signs, cake knife, champagne flutes, candles, welcome table items, guest book, cocktail hour games/activities, gift basket, ceremony decor, putting cake topper on, or anything else you want setup!

  • Assisting with breakdown and cleanup after the wedding as well as loading all décor/gifts/personal items into the car of the designated person taking everything after the wedding

  • Access to exclusive checklists/timelines/templates

  • Loading your getaway car with your bags and other important items you don't want to forget that night because you are too busy saying goodbye (cell phone! wallet! some extra wedding cake!)

  • One Hour of Rehearsal Coordination so everyone knows exactly what to do come wedding time

  • 11 Hours of flawless coordination coverage on the wedding day by your Principal Planner

  • One professional assistant on the day of the wedding-it's always good to have an extra pair of hands or have another planner there to jump in and help coordinate during those key busy times 

**For large weddings, certain resort properties in the valley, backyard weddings with extra obstacles, complicated setup, large bridal parties, or only a small window of time to setup an assistant (or two!) might be required to add on at the rate of $50 per hour with a 3 hour minimum-we will discuss whether or not this is needed in our first call so there are no surprises! If more than 11 hours of coordination are needed of your planner, it is $200 for each additional hour on the wedding day. If you require additional planning meetings, it is $75 per hour for those additional meetings. There also may be an additional charge for events on or around holidays.**

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