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If you're looking for a team that will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding day is even better than you imagine it, you've come to the right place. We are dreamers, creators, "get stuff done" type of ladies who love BIG and wear our hearts on our sleeves. We know how truly special your wedding day is to you and will do whatever it takes to make sure you get to enjoy every second.
Our clients end up feeling like family to us and we wouldn't have it any other way.


There is just something magical about a wedding. Two people happen to find each other in this great big crazy world and fall in love. They choose ONE day to say their vows to walk together side by side throughout the journey of life and also throw a huge celebration with all of their favorite people there to enjoy this happy day. There is an electric energy of JOY at a wedding that never gets old for me. Two families coming together. New beginnings. Huge smiles all around. Laughter. Tears of happiness. Sweet moments between the bride and groom. Dancing the night away...all magic in my eyes. I started this business 10 years ago, but I have 16 years of experience in the wedding industry. After all this time, I still find tears running down my face as I whisper a quiet "congratulations" as I send my brides down the aisle. I get to help create real life actual fairy tales and it's the best job in the world.

I am married to an amazing man, Jason, who I consider the ultimate best friend for life. Together we have a 9 year old son, Hunter, and a 5 year old daughter, Claire, who we adore beyond words. We love to explore different parks and feed the ducks, have crazy dance parties in our PJs, go out for ice cream, make all kinds of messy projects, jump at trampoline places, and cuddle up for story time each night. Both kids have a lot of energy, so chasing them around keeps me pretty active! I love that I have an amazing career and get to do what I truly enjoy with such wonderful clients, but also have a lot of family time watching my children grow through our busy days together. My husband is outstanding with our little ones, so I never have to worry one bit when I walk out the door for meetings or events, plus thankfully we have two amazing Moms that love to babysit, too. We are very lucky! It's the perfect balance and I couldn't be more grateful. We love hosting friends for game nights and having family dinner parties. I love to dance, read anything with a love story in it or thrillers, play some seriously competitive air-hockey, go anywhere with wine or fruity rum drinks and live music, and eventually I hope to publish some of the children's stories I have written for my little ones. I am a huge believer in making the most of every day and creating a happy, colorful world. For me, that's being with those I love and bringing my couples' wedding dreams to life. I was meant for what I do and I couldn't feel more thankful that I have the opportunity to work with such awesome couples!



Dianne has over ten years of experience in the wedding industry. She owned an invitation business that was voted Best Place to Buy Wedding Invitations for 5 years in a row before deciding to focus on raising her two children, Randy and Anya. She works extremely well under pressure and is beyond organized. She was once called the “etiquette guru” by the Arizona Republic and wrote a bi-monthly column about wedding etiquette and creative DIY ideas in WedAZ magazine. Not only is Dianne one of the kindest women on the planet and so easy to work with, but she has pretty much been obsessed with weddings since she was 5 years old when she used to sit for hours with her sister looking through wedding magazines while her parents thought they were doing homework. Dianne has been working with our company as an assistant for years and we are proud to have her now as a lead coordinator with tons of experience under her belt creating flawless events from start to finish!

Dianne’s hobbies include reading, running, watching sports, and spending time with family and friends. She loves to watch her son, Randy, and his band perform or cheer on her daughter, Anya, at her golf tournaments. She has two dogs, Huckabee and Scooby, and can be seen running the trails of the beautiful Phoenix hiking paths with them often. Dianne puts every ounce of her being into her events and will do anything to make sure her couples have the best day of their lives on such a joyous day. She is a hard worker, spectacularly creative, and excellent at keeping all moving pieces of the day working smoothly together. Dianne is an amazing wedding planner and coordinator and we are so lucky to have her.



Alyssa is amazing! There is nothing this lady can't do. You need a quick veil sewing after it got snagged on a cactus? Escort cards perfectly placed in alphabetical order exactly 1.5 inches apart? Someone to make a creative and gorgeous flower girl crown using a few random centerpiece stems? Or a reassuring word that everything is right on track and a tissue on hand to dry those unexpected tears? Alyssa is your girl. She will be literally running around on your wedding day helping to setup, cross checking details, handling those little things that might come up with ease and all with a huge smile on her face. Alyssa's eye for detail and great work ethic make her such an asset to our team, but above that her love for people and her GIANT heart are our favorite things about her. Our couples rave about her and of course we agree Alyssa is a rockstar! 

When she isn't working a wedding, you can find Alyssa spending time with her Firefighter hubby and their wonderful 4 boys. She loves adventuring outdoors with her family, creating alllll the beautiful Pinterest worthy crafts possible, grabbing a Pike Place coffee from Starbucks, doing a little car dancing/singing, or just having some fun being goofy laughing it up with her sister or girlfriends. 

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I have known Kathy for 10 years and have been doing weddings with her for 5 out of those 10 years. She was running her own successful business when I had the idea of us officially joining forces since we were collaborating on so many of our events together anyway. I couldn't have a better partner in crime! Kathy is one of the most dependable, creative, hard working, organized, and hilarious people I am lucky enough to know. She has a huge heart and will move mountains for her brides and grooms to make sure their day is perfect. If you tell Kathy you want your lanterns placed at a 45 degree angle pointing north, you can bet that each and every one of them will be in the perfect spot. Her eye for detail is insane! She is also a woman who can be in a stressful situation with unexpected issues coming up left and right and she just sees the big picture and immediately starts problem solving and taking action to get things fixed right away, all while remaining 100 percent calm. One of my favorite things about her is that she knows how to keep rehearsals and every aspect of a wedding running perfectly by being proactive and constantly on the ball with every moving piece of the day, but she is also so FUN and easy to be around. She has so many weddings under her belt and references galore, but she still loves this job and being able to provide her couples and their friends and family the luxury of just enjoying their amazing day without a care in the world.

On her free time, Kathy loves scrapbooking, making custom home decorations, and gifts for friends (preferably with a glass of red wine in hand). Her favorite thing to do is hang with her two kids, Tatiana (16) and Alex (15). Tatiana is a cheerleader, so she loves attending cheer competitions for her. Alex is a wrestler, so going to his wrestling meets to cheer him on is another thing she loves to do. She also has two fur babies, Bert and Bailey. She loves to travel, especially to anywhere with a beach. She is a foodie and can tell you the best thing on the menu pretty much anywhere in town, so cooking with her kids is something they all love to do together. Kathy is the woman I turn to when I want a "tell me what you really think about this" answer and know she will give it to me straight and always have my best interest at heart! Kathy will do anything for her friends and loved ones. I can't tell you how many times she has stepped in to help me or take things off my plate out of the kindness of her own heart and she is the same with her clients-if you have questions or need help with something, Kathy is your girl! She is witty (with a dash of sarcasm), has great ideas, and can bring any couple's vision of their wedding day from start to finish to life. I couldn't imagine a better partner to help create perfect weddings weekend after weekend!

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Meet my beautiful Momma, Vicki! My biggest cheerleader and best helper ever. She is the person who taught me how to love and how to always make people feel special and important. I wouldn't be living this life I do (literally!) without her by my side. When I started my company years ago, she would come and assist me. She always jumped in to do whatever was needed, always did a fabulous job designing gorgeous spaces, and providing a much needed extra pair of hands. I figured why not bring her in officially as an assistant about five years ago and she has been helping me make magic ever since. She gives her whole heart into each of our weddings and seems to read my mind when we work together, so that makes us a very dynamic and efficient team!

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