Wedding planning can be expensive if you have been shopping around! We believe in providing outstanding service for a reasonable rate because quite simply...we truly love what we do. We are so happy to provide custom packages in addition to the options below. We like to make things really clear for our  couples in terms of what you are getting when you hire us and exactly how much it costs. Although we each have years of experience planning and coordinating weddings and over 100 stellar reviews, we try to stay affordable for our hard working couples trying to stay within budget. We make things as simple and to the point as possible, since we know how frustrating it can be to try to get a "bottom line" out of wedding vendors sometimes! We offer full wedding planning, partial planning, wedding design, day-of coordination packages, and wedding setup options. Of course every event is different, so let us know what you need and we will make it happen! 

When you spend this much time, energy, and money on such important celebrations you want to make sure all goes wonderfully without complications. You just get to enjoy the day without having to worry about the details or answering a ton of questions. For wedding coordination, you give us the list of exactly what needs to be done, how you want us to decorate or set things up, we help you custom design your timeline and flow of the day to keep everything on track, all of your vendor information, specific details to attend to and we will do it exactly how you want. Plain and simple-Our job is to make your event everything you dream for an affordable cost. We do whatever it takes to make sure your day is AMAZING and you just enjoy it! Your friends and family also get to just have fun and celebrate without the hassle of handling any issues if they arise. On the wedding day we are there working hard to make your vision come to life and keep all the moving pieces running smoothly! 

Wedding Day-Of Coordination Package

Our Rates

This is for the couple who has planned their own wedding, but might need a little support throughout the process as well as flawless execution from start to finish on the wedding day. We meet together several times and make sure we know all of the details of the BIG day so that every last thing will be taken care of the way they envision it!

$1,750 Total Price Includes:

  • Planning support through emails/texts/calls for keeping us in the loop on planning updates or we can help with questions as they arise. We also have many templates, examples, tips to help save money, and creative ideas to offer from other successful weddings

  • Vendor Recommendations for wonderful professionals we work with often that also keep their rates reasonably priced  

  • 3 Face to Face Planning Meetings:


       Meeting One  ~ Initial Meeting: Here we spend time discussing the overall details/wishes for your event, create a timeline together, review plans for your décor vision, go through vendors already contracted, and collaborate on how we can best support your planning moving forward


       Meeting Two ~ Venue Walk-through: Here we meet with any venue representatives or catering managers that will be involved on the wedding day, we create layout maps and diagrams, firm up the timeline and décor plan, go over specific plans for how and where you want things set up, special circumstances to pay close attention to, and make sure we are all on the same page for ensuring a flawless wedding day

       Meeting Three ~ Final Meeting: Here we review ALL wedding day details, final choices for décor and specifically what we are in charge of setting up, go over final processional order for ceremony, music choices and cuing for songs, review final timeline in detail, discuss all details for each vendor expectation, rehearsal plan, ceremony script, etc. to make sure we have everything we need for a perfect wedding day and you can just relax from now on and enjoy your celebration

  • Custom Timeline creation from start to finish for the big day

  • Contact with ALL vendors prior to the wedding to ensure all details and expectations are clear for a smooth and stress free wedding day for you​

  • Emergency wedding supply kit to manage last minute mishaps

  • Setting up all your personal wedding items exactly how you want them including escort cards, favors, menu cards, signs, cake knife, champagne flutes, candles, welcome table items, guest book, cocktail hour games/activities, gift basket, ceremony decor, putting cake topper on, or anything else you want setup!

  • Assisting with breakdown and cleanup after the wedding as well as loading all décor/gifts/personal items into the car of the designated person taking everything after the wedding

  • Access to exclusive checklists/timelines/templates

  • Loading your getaway car with your bags and other important items you don't want to forget that night because you are too busy saying goodbye (cell phone! wallet! some extra wedding cake!)

  • One Hour of Rehearsal Coordination so everyone knows exactly what to do come wedding time

  • 10 Hours of flawless coordination coverage on the wedding day 

**For large weddings, certain resort properties in the valley, backyard weddings with extra obstacles, complicated setup, big bridal parties, or only a small window of time to setup an assistant might be required at the rate of $40 per hour with a 3 hour minimum-we will discuss whether or not this is needed in our first call so there are no surprises!


Setup  Only

This is for the couple that doesn't need a coordinator to run all aspects of the wedding, but still wants a professional planner to setup personal decorations, wedding items, and odds and ends exactly how you want them. 

For Wedding Setup $350 Flat Rate Includes:


  • Your personal set-up coordinator to come pick up all wedding items from your home, office, or any convenient location you choose in the Phoenix area 1-3 weeks before the wedding at a time that works for your schedule 

  • Up to one hour with your set-up coordinator during the hand off of those items  to go through them together and review any example pictures, layout maps, diagrams, visuals, or explanations for exactly how and where you want all items set up on the day of the wedding

  • Transportation of all wedding items to the wedding location (within reason-this amount shouldn't be larger than what can fit into an empty standard sized SUV) 

  • Email/Phone Communication with your personal set-up coordinator to arrange pick up time and meeting for wedding items, clarify any questions you might have, send updates for any last minute possible changes for decor plans, and verify specific hours on the wedding day

  • 3 Hours of setup time on the day of the wedding by your expert set-up coordinator ~ This includes setting up all of your personal wedding items such as welcome table, gift table, menu cards, placing favors, signs, bar napkins, escort cards, framed photos, lawn games, banners, ceremony programs, DIY centerpieces, cake cutting accessories, sweetheart table decor, or any other decorations/items you have for your BIG day

*In the event that your setup requires more than 3 hours, additional hours can be added at a reduced rate of $60 per hour up to 6 hours and will be due immediately. Wedding Breakdown can be added at an additional per hour charge. 

Some Extras We Offer

Additional Face-to-face planning meetings are set at $70 per hour


Hours added to the wedding day-of coordination package are set at $100 per hour


For larger or more complicated weddings, an assistant can be added for $40 per hour (3 hour minimum)


We can transport all decorations to or from the wedding for $40 each way 


Design packages can be customized depending on your specific budget as an additional service if we are already working together for day-of coordination 


We love to travel! Especially for Sedona weddings or any other beautiful place! Please email for travel info, as each situation is different. We are VERY reasonably priced in the travel department!

Full Planning

Packages start at $7,500 and will be reasonably quoted depending on your specific event needs


  • Full Wedding Planning from start to finish

  • Custom Design

  • Unlimited face-to-face meetings and phone/text/email conversations

  • Rehearsal Coordination

  • Unlimited hours on the day of the wedding by Principal Planner and Owner, Tina W. 

  • 2 Assistant Associates helping on the wedding day 


*Includes one calendar year of planning services-additional fees may be added if more time is needed